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Saturn's Eyes

Dreamed 1990/4/28 by Wayan

A new telescope at Stanford or the University of California shows dozens of tiny moons around Saturn, and thin gas rings. An expedition is sent--a cramped little ship, and a long voyage. But we find several moons are like Mimas--craters so big they're barely spheres--mere cups or heavy-lidded eyes barely opened.

Eek! Those ARE eyes peering out. Nearly every crater bigger than 50 km wide (30 mi) has a huge Eye.

Blue, green, ochre, rust... The exact shade matters--reveals temperature, chemistry, even life! So the Expedition classes the moon-eyes by color, not size or shape.

Saturn has moons with eyes; dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
But the larger question ("What are the minds behind those eyes?") is, I fear, something the Expedition is not equipped to explore--instrumentally or just... mentally.

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