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Searching for the Dead

Dreamed 2007/3/4 by Acucena Q.

I'm a single woman, 26, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, working (IT) and studying (Chinese). My home page (in Spanish):


I was traveling through many places in the world to see places with water. Rivers and lakes. Not hot, nor cold. Not deep, but clean. Never at night, but never sunny.

At every place, I was searching for dead people. I don't know who I was looking for exactly. But definitely dead.

Sometimes I'm a little boy, but mostly I'm a young girl with my hair tied in two pigtails.

I wasn't sad, just felt anxious.

At some point, I saw a woman jumping or floating in the air. She was dressed in red, with orange or blonde hair. I tried to take a picture of her, but my camera had its lenses closed.

Suddenly I'm in my vacation house near the sea. A couple (who look familiar in the dream, but when I wake I don't know them) is sitting in what used to be the kitchen (half the house has changed shape). I can see one of the bedrooms in a way that never was before. The man talks to me, but I don't understand. I'm annoyed.

Now I'm in the water myself, still looking and searching for dead people. I see some people around the rivers, but they don't say a thing to me.

I ask them directly about the dead. Now they answer, but I can't hear their voices! They glare at me with anger, and I wake up.




I wonder about these people Acucena can't talk with or photograph. Is it possible that in her search for the dead, she's been meeting ghosts all along? No wonder communication's so hard and they seem angry--she's disturbing the dead! Picture it from their viewpoint. Someone from the other side sees you, but thinks you're alive, asks you if you've seen any dead people! What are you supposed to say to that? And then when you go to the trouble of explaining she's already found the dead, she can't even hear your answer? How annoying!

Or else by the end of the dream Acucena herself is swimming in the River of Souls--a ghost herself. A dead child, who asks the living on the shore "Have you seen any dead people?" but can't hear their answer: "Yes. You."

OK, OK, it's just a theory: Pestering The Other Side. What's YOUR solution to Acucena's riddle?

--Chris Wayan

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