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1996/11/8, unfired clay sculpture painted with acrylic, 9" tall, by Chris Wayan

I was thinking of Philip Jose Farmer's early novel about intelligent alien flowers that interbred with humans. I was aiming for ambiguity and I'm afraid I got it. Robe, petal, head, lilybud, face, tongue, clit, slit, stamen... statement?

Sculpture of a sexually ambiguous flower-person
Here's the later painted incarnation, in a diorama with a worshiper, Nila, born of two Barbies, who, like all good Kakaleans, considers the Sex Flower a fertility goddess.
Nila, a centauress made of fused Barbie dolls, worships a painted clay sex-flower-fertility figure; diorama by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

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