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Showered with Wishes

Dreamed 2007/3/12 by Zooop (

In my dream I discovered I could get anything I want.

It all started in the shower. Next to me I had a little device like a Blackberry or cellphone. I discovered there was no shampoo, and I was already wet. So I absentmindedly typed shampoo into the device... and a full bottle of shampoo magically appeared.

I thought "Hmm... what was that? Better try it again." So I typed in shampoo, despite the annoyance of typing on it (a rather awkward clunky and old fashioned model, too). And guess what--another bottle of shampoo appeared. This time not quite so full, though. Used?

Then I realized--all those times when I lost something at home and never ever found it again even when I moved, it was because of this glitch in the universe. Someone somewhere wanted it and got it, precisely the same way I got the shampoo.

I felt guilty about taking someone's shampoo away and wondered "Should I quit?" But curiosity and excitement prevailed. I typed in dollar, and a dollar bill came out of the slot in the device! I tried it again and got another one. Though when I typed twenty dollars, the bill I got was obviously fake. Hmm.

A feeling overtook me, that this phenomenon might not last. I thought "This is it--my chance to get anything I want! Or at least test it out with more meaningful wishes."

And I thought and thought, standing there in the shower till I wrinkled up like a prune and the hot water ran out, and... I couldn't think of one thing I really wanted that I didn't already have.


Yeah, I guess it would be hard to pull true love and world peace out of that little slot. Those handhelds are just too small! Not to mention world peace would get all soggy in the shower.

Besides, I know Zooop, and she already has true love.

--Chris Wayan

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