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Silky Sings with Werewolf Boy

Dream figures; final piece 1996/7/10; crayon sketches, then fabric-paint on bedspread, 5'x7', by Chris Wayan.

My anima, Silky, a shapeshifter, usually shows up in my dreams as a black mare or black cat, though occasionally she'll show up human. Lately she's been taking over my body when I'm awake, and singing--she's more extroverted than I am.

I like that, and want to encourage her, so I've been sketching her having a fine time singing.

Sketch of a dream by Wayan: a black and white unicorn mare named Silky sings happily into a microphone; a black-haired girl, Silky's human form, lounges on her equine form's shoulder.
That first sketch combined two of Silky's forms, but they were both kind of languid. When I sing, I get brattier, hornier, energetic. That side of me shows up in dreams as a little werewolf boy... my feral side, I think. I grew up unsocialized and wild. Strange that he comes out strongest in public now, but he does. Better put him in too...
Sketch of a dream by Wayan: a palomino mare and a little red werewolf boy sing happily into a microphone.
Both those studies were pretty small. So I painted the image on my bedspread, five by seven feet, so I'll see it all the time. Kinda wobbly--but it worked! After painting it, I started taking voice classes... and I'm now singing in a band for the first time: The Krelkins.
horse and werewolf boy singing into a microphone

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