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Sing to my Alien Friend

Dreamed 2017/3/7

In school again, high atop the bleachers in
Our auditorium-gym, hid in the drama crowd
Though I never did belong.

My alien friend lopes in, looks round
For me. I croon a beacon-song,
Falsetto, high and femme. Her ears
Swivel, but I'm field--not seen--
Mere man. Background.

I improvise an arpeggio line,
The notes cascading down--
Soprano, alto, baritone,
As far into bass as I can
Dive. To my shock she still peers round,
Scans crowd, fails to see
Egregious me. Her folk are hawk
Eyed. She should have spotted me
By now!

Lulled, I guess, by sweetness of the song
She looked for a woman all along.

Her folk are not myopic. So is my
Image in her mind's magenta eye
So firmly girled that even as ears shake
Bass-rumbled, she can't revise mistake?

And as I dreaming singing mutely wake,
I wonder how my mind lags, stuck too;
Deaf to new clue. What re-view need I take?

A wolflike alien girl seeks a singer she hears in a crowd. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
That hushed and sexist home
of my childhood where
only femme was fair--
can't live there. Long gone.


I woke genuinely unsure what species my alien friend was. The reason? My sensory wiring is unusual. I can't recognize faces and mostly know people by voice, body language and energy. Those are so distinct and distracting I tend to overlook physical bodies. I assume it's as genetic as prosopagnosia (face-blindness). Both high-functioning autism and second sight run in my family; either (or both interacting) could be responsible.

So I truly don't know if she was wolflike as I've shown her, or a canine pegasus, or something like a gryphon. I do know she moved gracefully, beautifully, alertly. Sharp-eared, sharp-eyed, she should have pinned me instantly. And that was the dream's point. False premises trump the sharpest senses.

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