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Space Needle

Dreamed 1995/8/24 by Chris Wayan

Woman standing naked by the Space Needle in Seattle.  Click to enlarge.


As a little kid, when I first saw Seattle's Space Needle, I was stunned! Sleek, sweeping arcs announcing the Space Age--why, it was so advanced and cool, the Jetsons ripped it off!

My cowboy suit was clearly passé.

The future had arrived.

It was the first time I'd ever been moved by pure architecture.

We rode the oval, seed-pod elevators up to the rotating restaurant high above Seattle.

What a view! Mt Rainier's snows floated over the city like a guardian angel's wings.

As we snacked and gawked, lost in the view, my mom's purse stealthily crept three tables away.

You see, the window ledge she'd innocently laid it on was structural, not rotating like... us.

A Zen lesson I never forgot. Keep your eyes open, for even inanimate things can creep around to new positions...


I dream I'm a kid again, in 1962, at the Seattle World's Fair.

Only this time, amid the high-tech wonders, stands a... ghost? spirit? Girl and Space Needle lined up, superimposed.  Click to enlarge.

Our viewpoint is about level with her thighs or even knees, no higher.

Her bold stance, legs spread, echoes the swagger of the Needle.

Though slender, she feels as monumental as the tower.

The crowds walk by as if blind. Seems only I can see her.

I line them up exactly. A flawless fit! They nearly fuse into one strange figure.

Tan, red, woman, tower...

Girl making love to the Space Needle, or so it seemed from a trick of perspective.  Click to enlarge.

It's particularly kinky when one of the seed-pod-elevators crawls up between her legs and disappears, apparently up her cunt.

Looks like they're making love... up, down, in, out...

"Ooh!" she purrs as one rises into her. "OH! OH!"

How on earth does she get away with this?

She's making mad architectural love to the Space Needle in the heart of the World's Fair!

She stretches, reaches for the stars.

Red magma thrusts up into white volcanic breasts.

The seed pod enters the chamber...

And I float there like a wondering ghost,

gawking at my first architectural love,

realizing for the first time that its wonderful, futuristic shape is really,

was always really...

...the oldest shape of all.

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