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The Stagman

Landscape with tinges of vision, 1999, acrylic, 16x20", by Chris Wayan.
for Patricia McKillip and the Stagman

A San Francisco landscape, looking northwest from Fort Mason to Golden Gate Bridge. Beyond my screaming pink toes in the foreground is a monster bronze statue commemorating Philip Burton, the architect of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. He doesn't really have antlers, but he might as well--they've set him up as the great Horned Man, the nature god of the Bay Area. His reputation, like the statue, looms a bit too large. He was a decent politician, but no Green Man--hell, not even a Green.

Acrylic painting of Fort Mason, San Francisco. Philip Burton statue on lawn. But with deer horns. Click to enlarge.
The image of the Stagman came from the book I was reading: Patricia McKillip's fascinating autobiography and fantasy novel (how can it be both? Trust me, it is. It just is...) Stepping From The Shadows.
Detail of acrylic painting of Philip Burton statue in Fort Mason, San Francisco. Only with deer antlers.
Oh, yeah. The red words in the sky say "Philip Burton isn't the Stag-man... is he?" in dream-language. And you can trust me. Would I lie?

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