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Swimming Cats

Dreamed 2012/1/20 by Starvibes

(I don't recall most of the dream before or after. This is the part that stands out.)

It was night. I was following two cats, walking not running or really chasing, but definitely trying to catch up to them or hold them. One cat was a ginger tabby, the other some sort of grey. I followed them to the edge of a small swimming pool, lit by lights on the sides so the pool glowed blue. I thought I might catch up to them here because cats don't like water.

To my surprise, the ginger cat jumped in first and dove down, swimming towards the other side. Then the other cat followed. I could see them diving and swimming and was amazed. I could see their muscles moving. They were unafraid and never looked back at me.

Later, I saw the numbers "0.2" and "0.68".


I have always kept cats as pets. I do have a new cat who is very hard to discipline but neither of these cats remind me of her. My cat Jasper, who was a ginger tabby, died of asthma a few years ago. I am not sure if it was him, as I never saw the cats' faces, but he had a muscular body and I specifically remember the cat's muscles in the dream.

There has been a lot of death around me lately and I have been stressed out financially. Not been very healthy either, had a weird bout of acute bronchitis for no reason. I have recently made a decision to be more positive in an effort to get over the primary death that has affected me in the past year--the first anniversary of my daughter's father's death is coming up and it is on my mind a lot, as is he.

My best friend who is very successful has been depressed lately too, and I have been trying to think of ways to make her feel better.

I dreamt recently of seeing people that no one else could see but not freaking out about it. This has never actually happened as far as I know.

I don't really know at all what this means. No clue about those numbers either.



I agree that this might be about the people you've lost this year. The cats swimming away from you... it is suggestive. If the swimming cats DO symbolize those losses, then here are two wild guesses about why the dream picked such a weird image.

  1. You want to touch them, but they're elusive... Sure is true of the dead! You wish they were physically around but they're there only in memory. Still... why cats? Well... "like herding cats" is the expression that comes to mind. Maybe the dream's saying "It's the nature of the living to die. They're not dying to make YOU miserable. Just... cats will be cats."
  2. They aren't lemmings! They aren't walking off a cliff to drown, but into a pleasant pool they don't mind a bit, and swimming confidently on to the far side. I don't know what your conscious spiritual beliefs are, but your dreams have a strong opinion about what death isn't: not extinction, but a passage to somewhere else; and not a trip to be feared.

--Chris Wayan

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