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There's No Place Like Home

Nondream digital painting by Chris Wayan, 2002.

I'm usually not into heels, they're hell on the ankles--but with four feet, I might be stable enough. Still, when I started sketching this in pencil, I had no idea those silly shoes would turn out to be the Ruby Slippers. Apparently Dorothy wasn't the only girl to follow the Yellow Brick Road...

Centaur woman on the Yellow Brick Road, with four Ruby Slippers.
She's clearly related to PERISSA, an exhibitionist centaur with four human legs who I met in a dream. But this isn't Perissa. Someone fiercer, I think. Do not come between this woman and her ruby slippers. Those eyes, and heels, are sharp.

I wonder how she'll get along in Oz. No weirder than the locals, that's for sure. But will she get home again?

And home's not Kansas.

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