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Time to Quit Swinging

Dreamed 2015/2/25 by Wayan


I'm reading Gail Carriger's Etiquette and Espionage--in a steampunk England, four proper Victorian girls enroll in a finishing school teaching espionage to young ladies. I was startled to find their school has a werewolf, a vampire, and is located in a coal-fired dirigible... but lacks a sex education class. A class in seduction for espionage purposes, yes; but safety, contraception, FUN? No.

This seem unwise. Authentically Victorian, but unwise. My dreams decided to remedy this oversight... I'm on a swing, poking a toe at Agatha sunbathing nude on the porch, while Sophronia, Sidheag and Dimity look on. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


I swing above our sunny back porch--on a simple rope swing--while the girls of "Etiquette and Espionage" surround me.

My swinging brings me near her. I reach out and brush her with one toe at the end of each swing. After a few strokes, she turns so her head's facing indoors, away from me, but her cunt is facing me. Agatha spreads her legs in the sun. And her labia. Rose and shiny, she's clearly wet and excited.

I get turned on too. Don't want to hurt Sophronia's feelings, though. Or Sidheag's.

Really, I have to stop swinging. But what to do? I'm attracted to all four of my friends. Yet I fear that if I single out any one, I'll hurt the others' feelings, and lose them as friends.

Their school for spies covers a lot--but it's still Victorian, and does NOT offer sex education. So I decide the right thing to do is to conduct an elementary sex workshop here and now, including them all. Try it--get everyone kissing, stroking nipples, licking clits and dicks... while I explain what's safe and likely to please.

And it works! Wake up before I come, but they all seem to be enjoying those kisses caresses and licks as much as I am.



I dare. As I tell Miriel the dream, she screams with laughter. The dream picked up just what's been going on with their awkward quartet. The advice is perfect--just not for me. "Time to quit swinging..." I know she'll repeat it to Sean...


Carly felt jealous and tried to restrict what the others could do; eventually she left their four-person conundrum. Sondra and Miriel seem to be sharing Sean amicably. They like each other.

Sometimes, steampunk sex workshops do work...

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