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Cledonic and Transpersonal Dreams

A cledon is a message the messenger doesn't necessarily understand; a letter meant for someone else. Records of cledonic dreams, dreams apparently dreamt as messages for others, are sparse, but that may be just our tendency to keep our dreams private. For obvious reasons, you can only spot cledons in told dreams! To explore cledonic dreaming, you need others--whether a formal dream-group or a looser circle of friends or a blog with many readers or a single soulmate. You have to trust someone with your dreamlife, to compare notes.

Well, not always! See The Swaffham Tinker for a sly example of two interlaced dreams in which a lone dreamworker in a sea of skeptics gets the message and wins a treasure.

Many traditional shamans' dreams might be called cledonic--a shaman often dreams for a client or for a whole tribe. But shamanic dreams are generally intentional--a shaman's well aware of message, meaning, and addressee! But consider cases like Fleeing Kampuchea below--unsummoned healing dreams initially baffling to the healer. Over all, the startling "aha!" of a cledon has a different feel than shamanic dreams. I find them more akin to telepathic or shared dreams--a playful subspecies, perhaps. One that likes surprises.

Another related group: transpersonal dreams provide evidence of disembodied nonhuman awarenesses, whether gods, souls/ghosts, nature spirits or collective minds, often by passing along a cledonic message no single human could know. I mean evidence convincing when awake, of course. Meeting these critters in your dreams are one more dream-type: entertaining dreams. But not proof of much.

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BEATING UNCLE FESTER, or, ACHIEVING BILUMIA: by Wayan; 2013/3/31, a stupid telepathic dream
I screw the lightbulbs in my ears again, and this time, they stay. I sit down at the piano, and as I play...
DAWN'S TOILET: by Dawn Z and Wayan; 1999/1/6, two strongly parallel dreams
Wayan dreams of surprising Dawn on the toilet while she dreams that flushing away evidence of Foul Play wonít work...
FAMILY STORE: by Mark Ian Barasch's father, c. 2000; a subtly psychic dream healing a family
I dream my son the writer's living above our old family store, the one that failed in the Depression...
FLEEING KAMPUCHEA: by Laura Lawrence; early 1990s?; recurring nightmares of a future client's life
My Cambodian village was burned, my family murdered. At 12,
I was the oldest survivor; I led a band of kids to the border...
A HOUSE BY THE RIVER: by Wayan; 2011/10/10; a possibly psychic but definitely practical dreamlet.
I find bargain homes in a hidden tract by the river. I think "My sister's house-hunting, call her!" She calls me...
LAING: by R.D. Laing; 1983/2/18, two excerpts from a talk on transpersonal dreams.
R.D. Laing gives two examples of dream-spillage suggesting itís not passive but playful...
MARTHA'S FALL: by Barbara, Martha, and Wayan; 1977/5/18. 3 linked warning, sex, and flying dreams
Wayan makes love to Martha's double, then sees her soul watching from the shadows...
Barbara can't reach Wayan to say farewell...
Martha falls off a mountain and decides to let herself die, just to see what happens...
NED'S KISS by Ned's mom and sister Ethel; pre-1961, cledonic dreams of a playful revenant
I wished I could kiss my son farewell. That week, Ethel called. "I dreamed Ned kissed you, not me!
I was hurt. He laughed like anything and kissed me too..."
SLEAZE: by Cecy and Wayan; 1991/7/28; subtle shared dreams.
Wayan: A sleazy brother calls the cops, blaming us for a fire he set...
Cecy: A sleazy brother calls in a fire while not even trying to put it out...
THE SWAFFHAM TINKER: by John Chapman and a London shopkeeper; 1460s?, two interlocked dreams
Chapman dreams he must walk 100 miles to London Bridge; on the bridge, a stranger says
"dreams are nonsense! Why, I dreamt of buried treasure 100 miles away, in some town called..."
TIME TO QUIT SWINGING: by Wayan; 2015/2/25, a punning, erotic, cledonic dream
In the steampunk world of the Parasol Protectorate, I'm on a swing, fondling four friends
who I'm in love with--all four! I won't give any up. Yet it's time to quit swinging...
TRANSPERSONAL PUPPIES by a dog breeder; pre-1961, a cledonic dream of a ghost
The stranger seemed to know me. He said "Tell her about the little dogs, it will comfort her." Two weeks later...
WHOSE DREAM IS THIS, ANYWAY?: by Anonymous #25, c.2005, as told by Patti Allen; a cledonic dream
A dreamer I know dreamt she was fired by a Mr Bleeden. Baffled her, but made shocking sense to me! My dad...
YOU REALLY AREN'T LUNCH; 2012/6/11 by Maia Spencer; a cledonic dream of facing fears
Hiding in the woods I meet a Cyclops. But I'm not me, I'm the editor of the World Dream Bank...

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