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A Tour of your Brain

A Song in Six Lobes, by Chris Wayan, May 2004

"A Tour of your Brain" performed by Chris Wayan and The Krelkins, 2007
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Colored pencil cutaway drawing of a child's head showing the brain.


Buddha's in your in frontal lobe tonight
He's spelunking in your brain tonight
Little tin hat, divine light on,
Through the medulla, down the pons
Buddha's in your frontal lobe tonight


Rush hour makes your motor cortex flash
Devils floor their impulses and crash
Red for stop and green for go
How little you know of how much you know!

Tonight, in your neural net,
Ecstasy and deep regret--
A gridlock brain , or Soul Train!


Eye in the back of your head--occipital lobe
Laser show and disco ball and strobe
What you see is all reversed--
Crossed and mangled as liverwurst
First is last and shall be first tonight


Nowadays I'm no pariah at all
But I came close to lacking an I at all
Feral kids, are we a group,
Or just some dirt in your people soup?

My language center cannot see
Abstract terminology--
All your human grammar's mad to me!
Colored pencil cutaway drawing of a child's head showing the brain.

BRIDGE (frantic)


I bet you think you have a single soul
All of you think you have a single soul
Yet you got two brains inside
Left and right of the great divide
Both of you think you have a single soul


Slender bridge across a dark abyss
Your identity narrows down to this...
Fiber-optic corpus callosum
Shares your data (if you know some)

But if your line goes down,
Sudden divorce, but share the house!
Blindly chasing I and I around

CODA (slower)

Let's all celebrate Broca's brain--
Drop who we are and start again...


--Chris Wayan--

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