The Trouble with Tubas

Dreamed 1997/7/1 by Chris Wayan

I dream I'm walking along with my friend Mark, who's a wizard. We're improvising a short song, line by line, competing for the cleverest rhymes. I only recall the third line out of four, and when I wake I rack my brains trying to remember just what rhyme I improvised it in reponse to, and can't. It had to match the first line--what was it? Cuba? Scuba? What other possibilities are there? What a horrible rhyme to match!

My line?

      Cm              F   Cm   Bb    C                     F    Am F G...         F C    G
"It's my understanding you shouldn't make love to a tuuuuba... to a tuuuubaaaa."

Here's how it sounds. The Trouble With Tubas (403K, 21 sec; horns & vocal Chris Wayan 2013. Won't play? Plain MP3)

Funny. That one line sounds pretty full, now. A complete song in itself. The melody's perfect--it even drops ridiculously low on that final "-baa", so the singer gets to blat like a tuba!

For a dream-song, not bad at all.


It sounds silly but I knew as soon as I woke that the dream was dead serious--and important. I was being warned: I've been confusing two great longings, for love and experimental music. The dream-song says "Don't confuse finding dates and finding fringy musicians to form a band!" They're both social challenges I feel shy about. But they're two quite different quests, and I need different strategies. And standards.

Lumping them together, as I have been unconsciously, is a recipe for trouble as potentially painful as, well, trying to hump a tuba.

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