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Voters Gone Crazy

Dreamed Feb. 2009 by Thomas Madden

The Euro-Elections have happened but something has gone horribly wrong--from Spain to Sweden, Portugal to Poland, all the countries but the UK have voted for the far right and formed a coalition to invade the UK. And we can't fight back very well; most of our army is in Afganistan or Iraq, and both sides have agreed not to let the war go nuclear. Partisan warfare proves impossible: due to the UK's strict gun laws, the guns not in offical hands are in the hands of criminals who just want to use them for crime.

I am with some BNP (UK Nazis) who want to get into a locked library with the intention of learning German to greet our new rulers. One of the Nazis got the key and the dream changed as we entered the library and went online. I am now with a small group of people including Sarah Palin who are online trying to somehow reverse the Nazi takeover. But the Nazis are onto us and a Nazi mage sends a spell through the Internet which hits Sarah Palin. She screams as she rots from the feet upwards to the head in seconds.

I wake up in the bath.


--Thomas Madden


Ugh. Sarah Palin or the Nazis? As bad as that Greek legend of Scylla and Charybdis--avoid either monster, get swallowed by the other.

I wonder what these opposing sides are, though, really. "My own evil dark side" could be a lot of things. American Nazis tend to be ignorant and thuggish, not just anti-foreign and racist. Are Britain's, or do they still have wealthy/powerful/educated sympathizers? How do they contrast with Palin? Not ideologically--Palin's not so distant from the Euro far right. If she does means wealth and/or fashion, what do the Nazis represent--the freedom to be crude? To have nothing left to lose? I'm not sure.

I've advocated looking at political dreams more literally... but my gut says this dream is about inner politics not outer. And that there's more to these Nazis than meets the eye. That's one powerful spell! Maybe they're Jungian "shadows" (parts disowned by the ego, but not necessarily as evil as it paints them). I have to suspect hidden virtues in Nazis who break into libraries to learn not burn, and who can expose the rot that Sarah spouts...

--Chris Wayan

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