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Adrian Tried

Dreamed 1991/3/12 by Chris Wayan

Crayon portrait of Adrian, my sexy European housemate


I'm wandering alone through a huge, mazelike house. Sit down tired, and suddenly notice my heart's pounding and my cock is erect!

I'm bewildered and think "Why am I turned on?"

So I look around the room and can't see anything sexy... just some bookshelves, a bed, my new housemate Adrian lying naked on her back, her long legs dangling over the edge, her toes playing with my thigh, her pussy thrusting up as she wiggles eagerly, looking at me, hoping...

No, nothing sexy here.

How weird! Why'd I get turned on?


Pathetic, huh? But true. All that month, my new housemate Adrian was popping her head into my bedroom to talk, doing nude yoga on the porch right outside my window, telling me "You look hot in those jeans" and, when I came out of the shower, "You look hot in that robe."

But Adrian was a classy European blonde, a world traveler, with elegant clothes, elegant accent, mature, spiritual... she couldn't POSSIBLY be interested in a scruffy hippie like ME.

So I dreamed this, and believe it or not, I STILL wouldn't see it! I kept quietly admiring her from afar till Adrian found an available guy, and bitched about his (painfully obvious) shortcomings. At last, disappointed, she left for Europe. I sat around mourning my unrequited crush. How sad that Adrian didn't want me as I longed for her...
One of the sisters across the street sunning in her window

Unrequited love.

Like the little twin blonde sisters across the block who'd taken to stripping in their window facing mine and waving at me naked. How I lusted after them! But of course they were just teasing. Michelle sunbathing on my porch

Unrequited love.

And Michelle upstairs who started nude sunbathing outside my window, and inviting me to plays.

But she's an accomplished actress! She couldn't want a geek like me.

Unrequited love.

Oh, and Jennifer in dance class, who begged for massage and purred at my touch...

But of course she wouldn't want SEX, not with ME. I'm not pretty, I'm not even a very good dancer!

Jennifer in dance class practicing for an arabesque

Unrequited love.

Unrequited love.

Unrequited love.

Not mine, of course. Theirs.

That's the real sadness of sex-blindness, whether induced by abuse, religion or culture: you hurt those who love you! They think you're rejecting them.

When your self-image is so crushed you can't even dream of...

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