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Anne Got Lost

Dreamed c. 1936 by Anne's friend, reported to the Rhine Institute

Some twenty-five years ago, a girl, a young instructor at a normal school, had just learned to drive her first car, an old Model T sedan. A day's outing at a lake eighty miles distant was planned. Several cars were going and this young lady was asked to take four passengers. Although rather nervous about taking that much responsibility, she consented and it was decided she would follow her friend Anne, who knew the way.

The night before the picnic the girl awoke from a frightening dream. She thought she had been following Anne's car on a country road which became rougher by the minute. Suddenly the road began descending into a gulley, the descent became steeper and at the foot of the hill she could see a right-angle turn, but directly in front was a wall of rock. In the dream she seemed to smell something burning. The brakes would not hold. Then she awoke.

Before she could eat breakfast the next morning, she told her dream to the others and in spite of their laughter she said that she could not eat until she found out what to do in such a situation. She went to a neighbor's and he told her that if the brakes burned out one should throw the car in reverse.

On the trip all went well for an hour or so, she following Anne's car as agreed. At one point, Anne signaled that she would make a turn, and after that the road became rougher but they went on until there was no longer any possibility of turning back; they were descending a steep hill with a wall of rock at the foot of it and a right-angle turn.

All at once, there was the smell of rubber burning and the brakes gave way. After a second's hesitation, she threw the car in reverse and they made the dreaded turn at the foot of the hill in safety.

It turned out that Anne had made the wrong turn and found herself on an old abandoned road. Because of the dream and the precaution it led to, a probable wreck was avoided.

SOURCE: Hidden Channels of the Mind by Louisa E. Rhine, 1961, p. 185. Account untitled and author's name witheld; I added title and byline to aid searching & indexing.

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