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Dreamed 1992/7/6 by Chris Wayan

The reward's been posted. Half a dozen knights are bicycling off to fight the dragon. All young, though of every race and sex. They wear medieval Japanese armor, and carry spears, bows, even atlatls... It's all very colorful. I think guns are forbidden, but I could be wrong.

I'm just a reporter; I bike a little behind. Don't want to get tangled in their lances and spears and banners. Or their enthusiasm.

It's not like we're the first batch of sacrificial questers. Two sisters went ahead of us all, days ahead. Their bodies were found a few days ago. The irony is... before any reward was issued for the dragon's capture, EACH of the sisters had fought the dragon--one sister discovered it, a year or two ago--and defeated it. They could think of nothing to do with a captured dragon, so they simply let it go.

Then the reward was posted. So the two sisters went back to recapture it together. There was no danger; two on one, and they'd learned its habits.

They died together, died of myopia.

They forgot, you see, that the dragon had learned the habits of sisters, too.

From Tibet to Poughkeepsie, dreamers, fighters, mystics and other glory-hogs set out to fight archetypal dragons, and win treasure thereby, or maturity. The literature does not emphasize that archetypes grow too. Things can be mastered; skills can be mastered. But our own living dragons cannot be mastered.

Live and learn?

Oh, they do.

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