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Blind to the Cues

Dreamed 1996/10/2 by Chris Wayan

I'm searching all over a hilly campus for a blonde woman I know, called Dana-Ann. Everyone keeps telling me they just saw her somewhere else. After hours of frustrating, exhausting search, up and down endless stairs, I give up and leave.

Above the campus, on the hilltop, I run into my friend Lily. She says "I'm ready for love again" and leers at me! Uh-oh, is she coming on to me again? I'm not attracted to her at all! But she just asks me to list all the single men I know. I say "okay," though it'll be pretty short--I mostly know women, and a few men through them. I'm just relieved she's not after me any more.

We're in a sort of roofless room or shed. Sunny. Hey--there's Dana-Ann in the corner! At LAST! But she's busy--on the phone. Girl plays virtual pool with VR goggles. When she leans over the invisible pool table, it turns out she's naked under her short skirt. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

Well, not exactly the phone: it's a virtual reality setup, hooked to a modem. Goggles and earphones. From her motions, it's obvious she's playing virtual pool, over the phone! She bends over the invisible table and shoots a made-up ball with a mythical cue. She ignores me--can she even see me? When she shoots, her short pleated skirt swings in... it's so short there's a flash of pink, naked lips--she's naked underneath! I keep glancing away and then back at her, embarrassed, excited, and afraid Lily will notice me looking up Dana's dress...

She bends over again, practically in my face... God! She has to know what's she's doing--flashing me.

And I resent it. Feel frustrated. She won't talk to me, ignores me, while she does this! It feels mean--"Nya nya nyaaaah!" I feel let down--I found her at last, but she both ignores me AND teases me. One or the other would be bad enough.

I walk out thinking "Lily's plain, and socially clumsy, and kind of bossy, but at least she's seeking a lover her own age and with findable qualities. I seem to need NOT ONLY someone young and gifted and attractive, but also very gentle--no sexual game-playing. I didn't know teasing would hurt me so."

Even as I walk away, I feel some doubt--even her cold, impersonal flash of cunt got me hot. She's so sexy, and I'm so hungry!

But I walk on.


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