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LE BON DIEU (Around #2)

1999 digital picture of dream-figures, by Chris Wayan.

One of a set of round drawings starting from black, inspired by Odilon Redon's "noirs" (dreamlike charcoal-drawings built on a dark ground, wrestling with childhood fears and obsessions).

I think Le Bone Dieu wrestles with my sexual tension between body and spirit--but it doesn't oppose animal and angel. The characters are all both! It seems to be torn between new and old, wet and dry, sex and food...

A round dark space. A horny Poodle Angel, sniffing at Le Bone Dieu, is distracted by Dancing Pussy. Moth Girl hovers, watching, far above.

The horny Canine Angel scents pheromones from the Dancing Pussy, who distracts him from the dry old bony dogma of Le Bone Dieu, the hawkish anti-body god of Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition. Moth Girl, one form of Silky my shamanic spirit or familiar who recurs in my dreams, of hovers far above, witnessing but not interfering. What will Soul-Poodle choose? What will YOU choose? Which boner do YOU want inside you?

End of sermon. Thank you for coming. God bless. The collection plate will be coming round shortly.

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