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Bones Don't Lie

Dreamed by Emily Joy, 2006/12/13


I killed something down by the riverside, and now I have to hide it.

For hours and hours, I rip out its bones and strip them of flesh, feeding the meat to the river. Then I break every single bone into pieces and bury them deep in a mud bank. Every bone but one. The skull. I decide not to bury that, but to clean it off and leave it somewhere it'll catch the sun... and be found.

At first the skull seems human, but as I wash it in the river, it subtly changes shape, lowering and lengthening. Ape? No, deer. No, coyote! I scour the skull with sand until there is no flesh or blood left on it. The skull is heavy; I left the brain inside. Ew. I hope they find it before it gets rotten.

I wedge the white skull in the crook of two branches six feet up, and leave the scene...


…to go to a high-tech amusement park with some relatives. It's all virtual-reality; you must have a small stuffed animal to serve as your avatar in the play zone. I have a collection of these things at home, but none with me. I don't care, I'm not that into this game, but my little cousin wants to play with me and my aunt will fuss if I don't, so I go step into the gift store to buy an avatar. I look over high-tech ones, the sort that come with built-in MP3 players and game software, amazed at how serious they've gotten about this shit. Amused, too: "I've been collecting avatars for years, and now look how popular they are." I finally find a nice simple cheap one, a tiny bear made of tie-dyed hemp fabric, buy it for four bucks. At which point it's time to go home.

Home, or rather my cousin's house. Her step-brother and his friends are playing Dungeons and Dragons in the basement. I'm looking around, bored, when I find a skull sitting on a shelf above the fireplace. It has crescent horns, and I'm pretty sure the one I stuck in the tree didn't, but I'm unsettled. Could it be the same skull, did someone see me? I sneak out to go back to the river...


...where I see people milling around on the bank. I hide in the trees on the rim of the gully, but can't see what they're up to, so I stealthily slip down a steep side path.

But halfway down, my way is blocked by a fierce little dog whose leash is tied to a root. He snarls, threatening to bark, until I offer my hands. They still smell of blood. The little dog licks my palms, and lets me pass.

I see that it's a bunch of men in suits, looking rather Mafia, examining a body. A BIG body. They've found the headless corpse of a steer! It may be my victim. Gulp. But, wait—it has flesh on it. It looks like it's been rotting in the river. Can that be the body I disposed of?

Clouds shift and the sunshine strikes something blindingly white on the other side of the gully—the skull I left in the tree, smiling at me. The skull in the basement must belong to the steer. Wait, so one of the kids playing D&D is a murderer? Or did he just find the skull? Or... did I kill the steer too, then forget about it? It could happen.

One way to find out. I drift out of the woods. The men see me, and…

"Hey Girlie, we gotta bury this. Give us a hand, wontcha?"

I shrug. "Sure. Leave it to me."

I take a shovel from one guy and hack a leg off the corpse, drag it over to a patch of dirt. The shovel bites into the ground and hits…bones in the earth. My victim's bones from earlier that day. They're still here! Now I know it's not the same body. Thank goodness.

If goodness is the word.



Of course, dragging a dead body out of a river can have other meanings too. Some issues may have been dead for a long time, forgotten, maybe forgiven—"water under the bridge," so to speak. But dead doesn't necessarily mean gone. When old issues get dredged up, the old confusion and suspicion and self-doubt can surface, too.

Well, maybe the skeletons in our closets have some use after all. Look at them, and look at your current situation. Don't be so quick to accept blame; if something doesn't match up, reject it!

--Emily, 2007/2/8


--Chris Wayan, 2007/2/13

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