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by Chris Wayan 1993-1999

1: 1993

When girls get their clits cut, even the UN takes notice.
But mutilate boy genitals, and... big yawn!

By the power vested in me by the state of
I declare myself sexy.
For living features must be sexy
Or how'd they lure mates and ricochet
Down the pinball chutes of history
To mock me from the mirror-squares
glued to the wall by my bed?
Survival is sexy.

Hose nose, sexy
Warto chin, cave brows, sexy
Fungus ears? sexy!
Beer belly? sexy!
Bald heads burning like red wax testicles in the sun? sexy!
Scary big shoulders, brute arms, big stinky feet: sexy.
Stringy muscle lumps, gnarled as a root! Sexy.
Hairy fat baggy butts: sexy.

Dead men aren't sexy.
You can't hump stiffs for long.
Einstein Gandhi Hitler Valentino Christ?
Sorry, not sexy.
We're talkin' guys here
Or I'd surely observe
Marilyn Monroe's not sexy.
But that snout-ring snarler down your block,
yelling at her kid all day,
who barely beat the booze
and chainsucks cola, turned to fat.
A scarred survivor (more or loss)--

Am I, are we, humanity, sexy but... ugly?
Sex a stinky old thing:
porcupine pisses on his lover
cat rips with barbed penis
Mantises suck faces dry
Crocs bite and bleed.
Was my body born for just
a brainless antler-bonk?
Am I.. butt-ugly?

And if I'm NOT beautiful by birthright
(and the twisted cartoon faces
flooding thru the cities,
children of ugly lovers,
lovers of ugly children,
testify to some uneasy seismic
fault under beauty's ice-carved peaks)
If I'm not beautiful...
beauty and sex better get a divorce--
and do something responsible about the kids!

We hold these truths to be self-evident
that all men are created ugly.
Killer buffoons!
As I write, it's near to that--
Watch any show.

"Men are obsolete."
Oh those raging hormones.
All dressed up in courage
And no place to go.

"Oh" they say "you're just making a big thing
outa something small."
Small and wrinkled soft, yes,
swells big, tight shivering and all
the while you call
it a weapon, ME--
as exquisitely fragile and sensitive
as a naked eyeball
whose fluttering lid was hacked off
by a razor, sans anesthetic
when you were small and wrinkled soft
no big thing
and they take it for granted
and they take it.
Is clitoridectomy
Is hymen battering
Is rape itself...
Gender revenge?

2: 1996

Maybe not, but women
blind to the mass boy
rant on about violence "to women"
as if men were ever safe!
Or do we deserve to be hurt?
It's not even the trauma per se that enrages me,
it's the bigotry revealed
(like an eyelid peeled)
by the big yawn when boy babies shriek
Burn them cut them let's cut them THERE ha ha.
Just so it's only boys.
Boys don't cry like fish don't feel.
Boys can take it.
And they do, don't they? Take it and take it
And take and take, and take YOU and take
Arms and take revenge and take.
They give nothing: it's what they have to give.
Oh well, let's draft them,
we can send them away.
Maybe they'll die there.
If not, cheer up:
there's always jail.

3: 1999

"Well," says Coyote, hopping onto my sill,
"You ARE a species in progress."

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