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Dreamed 1997/6/17 by Chris Wayan

A gorilla's in the redwoods. First-growth redwoods, titanic trunks--even a gorilla looks small, a little monkey. But cardboard cutouts of humans, leaned up against the roots, show the true scale.

Suddenly I realize I'm not really in those woods--this is just a slideshow in a dark auditorium. And the audience is all deaf women--except me.

A brilliant idea pops into my head: let's teach gorillas and chimps to sign, since they can't speak aloud!

I try to tell my friends here about my brainstorm, but no one can hear me, since they're all deaf. So I have to say it in Sign.

But in this dim room, they can't SEE my signs!

I surrender. It's that, or whack them all on the head to get their attention.


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