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Dreamed 1995/5/15 by Chris Wayan

I'm on the shore of a holy lake. Clean simple lines and colors so pure I doubt the lake's real at first: think it's a Disney film. Understandable--it's the place that Disney modeled the Greek section of Fantasia on, and also Bambi's forest.

How's the lake magic? Not only can you walk on the water, you can skate, barefoot, at incredible speeds. The local animals, especially deer, play all over the lake... they discovered its medicine long ago and have turned a bit magical themselves. The deer are lean, swift, small, and elegant--almost unicorns. I find them very sexy. They zoom around the lake faster than speedboats, their forelegs stretched out before them, but their hind legs crouched, tails high in the air like they're being mounted, making love. But their mate is of air: the sensual joy of speed, of flight.

Now and then, coyotes and even a few wolves try chasing after them--but they're few, scrawny, and inept. The deer rule! They have so much more experience with the sheer speed of it. One hot doe deliberately aims right at a line of predators who'd have her if they were on land--but she revs up like an espresso-crazed ski bunny on her first snowmobile and roars right through them at about 80 KPH.

I try it myself. I skate around pretty fast, but when it's time to turn or stop, I'm clumsy as Bambi's first try. This is the deer's power place, no doubt about it.

I dream of a lake where shamanic deer waterski... without speedboats.
I glide slowly down to the lake's lower end. It pours out in a couple of cascades. The smaller one serves as a fish ladder, since its current is gentler than the main "spillway," a long low fall 100 feet north. But it has a second use: it's my own sacred place here--the spot I go to when I'm lonely or sad or scared.

From below, my little cascade is not too visible, just a tiny side stream. I worry I won't find it again. Memorize the gap in the reeds so I can find it when coming upstream. The material world lies downstream, so I'll be coming upriver the next time I seek this place, as I fall asleep and climb into the dream plane...

The stone lip above the cascade is wide enough for a terrace in spots. I sit and watch the deer water-ski. Some locals walk up and paddle their feet over the falls. We get to talking about the lake. One says "The lake was built by magic, too." But I'm skeptical--it feels more like only the skating required a spell. This low shelf of stone we're sitting on dammed the stream here. Now, maybe this dam was spelled or sung into being, but you could just as easily build it with a bulldozer--or patience and a wheelbarrow.

So I could find or create such a lake, such a cascade, ready for the magic spell. And maybe even handle that! What magic I have couldn't move mountains, so I thought such a lake was far beyond my powers; but if the only magic needed is the walk-on-water thing, I might just manage it. Magic is mostly working with the grain of the rock and the water; you just add a dash like salt, and if you did it right, natural forces will refresh the magic and keep it running. I may just try it.

If beavers can, why can't I?


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