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1995 shamanic digital collage by Wayan

This picture is bragging, I guess. I'm not quite Jesus, not quite walking on water yet, but I am crawling on the riverís surface... I was celebrating all the psychic dreams Iíve been having. Small miracles--INFANTILE miracles--practice miracles!

I recently saw Disney's "Fantasia" again. In the Greek part, winged horses land in a lake, settling like swans... I think that inspired me.

The sad girl in the lower right is chanting to herself, in dim brown letters, "I hurt I hurt I hurt..." She's what I have to heal, I think, before I'll be fit for true water-walking.

I contemplate crawling on water.
Painting this provoked a follow-up dream of a sacred lake that looked sort of Art Deco, like Fantasia. But its mythology was Native American, not Greek--all over it were sleek stylized deer (by Pueblo artist Pop Chalee) skating across it like speedboats playing chicken... like sacred bumpercar Bambis!

Jesus just walked on the water, but those deer really danced.

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