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Dreamed 1979/2/12 by Chris Wayan

I'm not exactly me, but my own hero, or heroism: my inner champion or representative. I feel pretty much like me, but more decisive than my usual self.

I need to be. I'm in a difficult situation: having dinner with Death, at his invitation. He's been trying to kill me for a long time.

While Death talks politely to me, his servant creeps up behind me and slashes at my head with a nasty-looking Chinese axe, all lopsided blades. But my witnessing dreamself warns me-the-hero, and I duck and the blades bite the table, CHOCK!

I turn and fight the servant of Death, and kill him.

I've had enough politeness. I turn into a yellow maple leaf, let the wind blow me in odd unpredictable leaps around the dinnertable, up onto it, and into Death's face. Death jumps up in horror.

I burst back into human form on the table before him and yell "I'M gonna kill YOU! I'm tougher and faster than I used to be." I leap off the table and turn off 3 light switches simultaneously--all the power in the room. That should cut off Death's own power.

Death disappears.

Oh, I know. I doubt very much if that killed Death... but then he didn't kill me, either, and he sure planned to. And I heard Death shriek in panic. No, Death's not dead--but he's on the run.

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