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Dreamed 1986/1/1 by Chris Wayan

A robed ghost of fire speaks quietly. Crayon, yellow red and black.

A friend asks me to inspect their old farmhouse. It's infested with ghosts, and the last time I checked it the front wall was crumbling, open to the air. They say they had it repaired and converted to condos. Sold one unit already. But the buyers report the ghosts are still there.

When I arrive, the whole front end's torn open -- it's much worse than my friends said. The ground is hollowed out by ghost burrows. The ground crumbles and heaves; ghost-fires are smoldering down there.

Termite-ghosts like this are malevolent--like tumors. They threaten me, and they can back it up.

The yuppies who moved into their new dream-home, on the upper floor of this "charming old fixer upper", will clearly lose their investment. Even the house next door is probably doomed: the burrows are spreading under it. The huge Loop Tree in the front yard is dead now. Was it the source of the infestation?

I go back to tell them, but they don't want to believe it's that bad, they don't want to hear!

Of course, one of them IS married to a monkey. A monkey with her eyes shut. See no evil!

As I try to warn them, the ghosts mock me at the margins of the dream. I get mad and summon them to come out and face me, although they're terrifying--and quite deadly. I demand to know why they're haunting me. In dream after dream, these clowns show up. And recurring nightmares are a danger sign!

A ghost swoops forward, and says "We have NOT been haunting you, or creating nightmares. You're so strong now, you've been summoning US. You're the master of all these monsters and fears, now."

The weird thing is, the fire-ghost's whispering voice has the sound of truth.

Spooks spreading, in the open, precisely because I can handle them?

Oh, shit. This is progress? Can't we go back to repression or denial or something?

What'll I tell the monkey?

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