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Easter Healing

Dreamed 2008/03/23 by "Clairity"

After almost two months of not-so-great dream recall, I finally had one of the most memorable lucid dreams of my life...

I realize that I am lucid but I can't see. It's like there is a heavy thick fog in front of my eyes. I reach up to rub my eyes and feel my glasses (which I never wear in my lucid dreams). I take them off and my vision clears for a couple of seconds, but then the fog rolls in again. I reach up and again remove my glasses and my vision clears again... only temporarily. I start to get agitated thinking this is going to be how my dream will play out, but I remind myself to remain calm. I state, "Clarity NOW!" but my vision doesn't clear.

All of a sudden, my vision becomes crystal clear. (I recall trying to feel for things but I can't remember if that is the reason for the vividness I now experience.)

Now that my vision is clear I realize that I am a young man in this lucid [dream], but that fact doesn't faze me at all. I also remember the task of the month, and that I had already planned on doing the advanced task of bringing something inanimate to life.

I am in a small town and there is a small house in front of me. I decide that there may be something inside that I can use. I walk through the front door and stand in the living room. A mother, father and children are sitting on the couch, frozen in time. Even the TV is still. I back out of the room through the front door. I don't know why I don't bring them to life, but it never even crosses my mind to disturb this scene.

I notice a small weatherbeaten cat statue curled up on the porch, and decide it's the perfect thing to bring back to life.

I kneel down and stroke it saying "live" and I feel it become real... fur instead of clay... breathing. But sadly I also realize that, even though it is now real, it is sickly, old and beaten down in life as it had been in clay.

I immediately feel sorry for it and decide that being alive isn't enough... that I have to heal it. I put my hands again on its patchy fur and say lovingly yet firmly, "Heal!" The cat takes a deep breath. I feel it relax under my hands and I can tell that it feel better. It stands up and scampers off the porch.

I walk off the porch and down the street. I see another old cat and decide to heal it as well, but it has other ideas. It takes off and I run after it. I corner it in an open garage that belongs to the local mechanic. I slowly reach out and run my hands over its fur soothing it while quietly saying "heal". Its heart stops racing and it too grows young and healthy again.

As I watch it run away, I notice a teenage boy and his father watching me. The garage is at the bottom of a grassy hill and I don't know how word spread but as I look up from the open garage door, I see people coming with their pets, some carrying them, some walking them.

My spirit wills them to hurry, because I am unsure how long my lucid dream will last. As they begin to file past me, I yell for the last few stragglers to hurry... to run... to get here as quickly as they can.

When all have entered and taken seats on the garage floor (about 30 or so), I tell them that I don't know how much time I have and that I will need their help, their energy, their love to heal all the pets in the room.

I ask them to touch their pets and to say/pray the word "heal" with me and to believe it to be so.

I thought that I would stand in front of the crowd and merely throw my healing energy, but I find myself drawn to try to physically touch as many animals as possible before the dream ends. Photo from Flickr of a dog with blindy, milky eyes.

I heal each animal, laying my hands alongside their owners.. animals that can barely move begin to jump in their owner's arms.

The most memorable healing is that of a dog with glaucoma, whose milky eyes slowly turn their normal color again.

When all are healed and the garage empty, except for the man and his son (who I by now had figured out were the owners), I sit with my back against the garage wall and take out my pen and notebook. I explain to them that I am dreaming and that if I don't write this all down I will surely forget a lot (if not all) of the details.

The man thinks it strange, but his son (who I gathered was kind of lazy) simply says, "Hey! He healed my bike!" and spins the back wheel while we all laugh. And while laughing... I felt the dream end.


I went over the dream in my head realizing that I've rarely had a more satisfying dream... lucid or otherwise. I could still feel the various textures of the animal's fur, the look of gratefulness in the eyes of the pets and their owners and I could still feel the warmth of the love in that garage.

I thank the angels of pure white light for this dream.

Happy Easter!

SOURCE: Originally posted by Clairity of Aegis Guild in, a lucid dream site. Permission requested--where are you, Clairity?

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