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Eucalyptus Warning

Dreamed 1993/8/6 by Chris Wayan

My friend Cory likes trees. So I tell her about some eucalyptus groves where I live in Northern California, that might please her: "Very dense and tall--some have grown past 300' now; the tallest trees in the world after redwoods!"

Cory tells me someone's been selectively logging the eucalyptus grove she constantly played in as a kid, in Southern California. It wasn't very big, a few acres, but it had gigantic old trees, over 200' high. The loggers have been killing the oldest trees one by one, so that the forest looks normal to those who never saw the original grove, and only know the average sort of gum trees; it dwindled slowly to a still fairly dense 150' stand, to a normal 100', and now down to an airy open wood with no tree over 75'.

I feel sad and angry about it... but no one seems to be able to stop them. Clearcutting might mobilize the neighbors, but it's so gradual...



I'm angry that they trimmed the trees across the street from us; I didn't think they really needed it yet.

But what's really urgent is calling the dentist and get my teeth cleaned. Or I'm gonna be facing gradual, insidious, receding gums.

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