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Both dreamed 1990/7/15 by Chris Wayan

DREAM 1: FAWN A fawn or young doe with stubby hands and a big brain. Dream sketch by Wayan.

I'm south of San Francisco, behind my parents' house, on the rim of Polhemus Canyon. Stroll along the grassy lip of the drop-off, until I see a fawn. Not a typical young deer: this one's reared up, biped. And her head is big--forehead swollen by a brain as big as a human child. But deer-shy... skitters away from me. Not far, though.

I feel a strange attraction, and keep approaching indirectly, crooning, which doesn't seem to help.

At long last, though, the fawn calms enough to allow me to touch her. Strange--I see spotted velvet fur, but her skin feels quite smooth, quite human! She gets very still and lets me stroke her. Never speaks, though I suspect she can.

After a couple of minutes I gain courage and slide my hand down her belly and feel her cunt. She's smooth like a human child, and not much larger. She doesn't flinch at all, leans into my hand, seems to like being petted there. I slide a couple of fingers in. Her paw-hands (not hooves, I now notice, but stubby pawlike hands!) grab my hand and move it.

But not the one fondling her clit--my OTHER hand! Pulls my free hand down from her back to her haunches, near her tail. Wants her hindquarters and tail massaged too, as well as her cunt.

We rub our bodies together affectionately, though she still won't talk to me. She's a deer; I'll have to be patient.

Through the whole dream, I feel very gentle and protective--she's bold in one way, but so shy in another--very like me. I hope this deer will be my girlfriend. Because... I understand her, with her nervous shyness. She's more like me than any human I've met.


I'm exploring a huge mansion--the mansion of reality. There are many rooms in it, each a universe.

I wander into the Devil's wing and meet a nice demon. She was a woman unlucky enough to live in a Christian society which damned her eternally just for wanting some fun. She figured she'd be under the Devil's thumb forever, but recently she was offered a promotion--a low-level job as a demon temptress. She accepted, and was just granted some minor powers and freedom for the first time in centuries.

That's part of her attractiveness--she really appreciates freedom. She seems not to care that her job is to lure me in with sex and damn me too. She doesn't even try, really, she's just passing time, flirting with me, clearly enjoying the simple fact that she's not being tortured any more! Guess I wouldn't respect middle management much either, if I were her. A slacker succubus!

But devils can be formidable; I'm wary about my attraction to her for good reason. Yet I am attracted. And two can play at seduction!

For I plan to seduce HER--to freedom. It's a slow business, with many steps--but possible. I plan to tease her into realizing she CAN leave the Devil, CAN leave the hierarchy of hell... then look for a way out, take it, and then change her behavior to be acceptable on some other floor of the Mansion!

Awareness first, then action--patient action. And that's all. All it takes. Because the walls of Hell are built of nothing but assumptions.

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