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Floating Wolf & Butterfly

Dreamed 2010/12/21 by Wayan

I'm walking through a cluster of museums on a narrow, arroyo-like, crooked alley, smaller than you'd expect for big civic palaces. An old woman yells to me that the museum she's standing before, on the north side of a fork in the arroyo, is the one I want. I'm not so sure. The one to the southwest has a big lumpy sculpture hanging over the entrance, 10 m across. You have to duck. And it looks like a cubist butt. Ugly, but I think the show I came to see is here. I duck and enter...

Yes! Here's the art show I sought! All furry sculpture. Statues of cat people, bird people, wolf and fox people...

The one I recall best is a huge piece of a wolf astronaut floating outside a sleek space shuttle, examining a colorful handsized fish-moth--but he has no space suit. Just his fur, in hard vacuum! Yet there they are, two life-forms, one a simple space-reef dweller, the other very complex indeed... but both equally space-adapted. Strange.

The statue itself is equally startling: the two figures and the shuttle all float, untethered, just as they would in deep space. I look closer. Where are the wires? None!

Funny how this technical miracle makes me readier to accept the biological one. Not that of wolf people--in deep time, are they any less likely than ape people like us?--but of a wolf so advanced he's comfortable in an environment Earth life can't tolerate: the coral reefs of space.

Huge floating sculpture of a wolf astronaut studying a colorful space-reef fishmoth. Both creatures appear to be living in hard vacuum. Pencil sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan; click to enlarge
Pencil sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan: a floating sculpture of a red and orange space-reef fishmoth, a creature thriving in hard vacuum.

As I finish writing the dream my friend Cory comes in to invite me to the Van Gogh show at the De Young Museum this morning--2 free tix! Alas, no giant furry floating sculptures, though Rousseau's two huge weird paintings (The Snake Charmer with all her phallic friends, and War with that mad child on mad horse) come close... I like Rousseau. He's not very human.

But even Facebook still won't let you friend the dead.


Well, I'm sculpting a wolf-dancer with gravity-defying balance, and it provokes a second wolf-people dream: Wolf Exogamy.


I FINALLY looked up Further Confusion, the biggest furry convention near me, only to find it happened the weekend before I checked! Had I done my homework when the dream urged me (and Floating Wolf was just the best-recalled of a cluster, all prompting me) I could have gone. The dream knew--but I didn't listen. The least I can do now is draw it... and come out clearly as a fur. I'm more like that wolf than most humans. I need to find other furs.

Pencil sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan: face of a wolf astronaut.

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