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Flowerheaded Cat

Dreamed 2005/8/17 by Wayan

Man flaps girlfriend's skirt up to show she's naked beneath while she smiles. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


At work in... where? A big retail place. One of my co-workers, in company colors, keeps lifting her skirt to show me she's naked beneath. She acts oblivious, but wore this short skirt that's slit open at the sides, so any breeze (or a deliberate brush of a hand) can easily flip a corner up.

And it flips. Over and over...

Only she's not doing it--her boyfriend lurks behind her, and HE's the one actually flipping her skirt up.

Still, she's a grownup--she chose to strut around a megastore naked, under that little flappy flag. So they're sending this message together.

But what message?

"We have an open relationship, and you're invited to join us in bed"?

Is it mainly her? "Flashing is fun, but I already have a boyfriend, sorry"?

Or does she mean "...and it got me this kinky boytoy, nyah nyah."

Or is it mostly him? "Look what I got, you can't have it, nyah nyah NYAH!"?

I'm turned on--she's cute--but stumped what to do about it.

Look away? Look? Lick?
A purring cat whose head is a calla lily. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


A sculptor shows me her work--small terracotta figurines. Animal people like mine. A centauress, VERY like something I'd do. Only BETTER than mine. I feel discouraged--I'm not unique.

She says "Gotta leave for a minute. Get acquainted with my cat! Don't be disappointed if she doesn't like you, she's very fussy." Or was it he? Girl or boy, strange cat either way--alive, but made of clay! And with the pale, involuted head of a calla lily.

This flower-headed cat sits in my lap. I pet her. Feels like hard low-fired clay. But sun-warmed--as warm as a flesh cat.

She starts purring loudly. She's right on my crotch. I start to feel turned on!

Is this a good sign for my relationship with the sculptor? I like her pussy... and her pussy likes me.


Figurine of a centaur girl in a sexy sculptor's studio. Dream sketch by Wayan..

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