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Fly, Dancer!

Dreamed 1993/4/2, digitally drawn 1994, by Chris Wayan.

I asked my dreams "I love dance. So why am I skipping so many classes?"

I dreamed my ballet classmates were learning leaps. Except me! I wanted to learn to FLY.

So I walked out alone under the sky, where no one could tell me it couldn't be done.

I visualized levitating... and fell.

I spread my arms as wings and beat them... and fell.

But both together, visualizing and flapping, mind and body... plus loneliness...

I rose through the blue misty evening, and never looked back.

A dancer leaps, arms spread, through the evening sky. A light from her forehead shines through the wisps of fog. Her dance classroom seems just a lit-up dollhouse, already far below.

This dream is recurrent now. I keep trying to learn how to soar in social situations by watching others, but somehow I never do. I try harder and harder... and then I have some version of this dream again, saying I learn to fly best alone... out from under their low ceilings.

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