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Dreamed 1980/11/3 by Wayan

We dug up a fossil device. The ancients knew
tech beyond us. Light feeds the panel who
blows you a kiss of Cerenkov blue:
the holograform of a spectral

It was a teaching tool, is all we know.
Its mystery grafts a new branch onto
acoustics. Guess I'll join the crazed
band my friends began years ago;
though to honor the panel-glow
they just dubbed it anew:

I meditate on that blue curve: it parallels
the arcs of the flock of sleek parafoils
windsurfing over the park where I lie.
The frail wings swell, robusting, till
Slim whales weave across my sky.
Blimps as lithe as ballerina

Wake. What to make of surreal dreams' root?
Like a stochastic "Drunkard's Walk"--
but spirals in like a hot-day hawk
on mouse, or this verse, to one
rhythm-singularity. Fun.

glowing blue foot, and a man lying on grass watching hang gliders



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