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Foresee Election, but Blind to Sex

Dreamed 2012/10/23 by Wayan

That Day

I upload the new version of the World Dream Bank with black backgrounds; fits the night/dream theme better, and illustrations shine like stained glass. Takes hours. Find lots of errors--white that should be black, black that should be white, and a few nonsquare pictures with corners not repainted black. Cleaning them up will take days. But so far, no bad links or pics. So it's going well.

Read half Michelle Tea's Rent Girl; her adventures in the demimonde of prostitution. Everyone lies, does drugs, and has no fun at all. She loathes men--or johns at least. But then, she can't come with women either. Depressing. Makes my life seem good...

I'm nervous about money, though. My mom died a couple years ago, we sold her house, I invested my share in a long-term social/ethical fund, Ariel Appreciation; it's been earning enough so I can do my art and music without a day job. But the Tea Party wants to deregulate. I think that'll lead to a repeat of 2008: crash and recession. With them in power, I'll have to cash out my investments, hunker down, and live austerely on savings. But will they really win? We'll know in two weeks... Native California girl tears off dress and dances naked at Esalen, on n hearing the Democrats won the 2012 election. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

That Night

I'm in a crowd on a stone terrace high above a blue sea. Mild sun, burning off morning fog. We're on a craggy point; dramatic cliffs leap from a kelpy sea, green-brown-purple-blue iridescent. The Big Sur coast; Esalen, I think.

Women in little black dresses sip champagne. An election-day party! It's bright day, yet early results are already pouring in! All the governerships in contention are going Democratic. ALL of them: 100%. I'm delighted; that bodes well for Congress too, though the numbers aren't in yet.

Next to me is a cute curvy girl whose face looks Native Californian. When she hears the results, she whoops and pulls her dress over her head and dances naked around me. She's shaved her pubic hair off; her bare cunt's in my face. Very sexy and I want to kiss her there.

But I don't. I figure she's just being high-spirited, not seductive, even though she wiggles and smiles at me. Over and over.

I keep looking away, shy and embarrassed. I wouldn't want her to think I was ogling her.

Apparently I can foresee election results, but in other ways... wow, am I blind!

Notes next Morning

Years Later

I followed half the dream's advice: I assumed the Tea Party'd fail to sabotage Obama's cautious recovery from the 2008 crash. I didn't sell in fear of a new crash, but stayed invested in ethical firms. I advised my sister to risk it too, but not convincingly enough. Understandable I guess--dream-based stock tips?! But they've worked for me. I doubled my money; enough so I need no dayjob.

Romance, though... I'm still pretty blind to women attracted to me. My mom did a real job on me, but it wasn't all her fault; some of my trouble's genetic. Only recently learned I'm not just nerdy but clinically autistic! Meet the criteria of DSM-4 and 5. I'm smart; that partly masked how profound my sensory differences are. I'm trying to forgive myself more, and just accept I'll misread lots of human social cues.

It balances out. I get other cues humans miss.

Grinning girl at Big Sur. Dream sketch by Wayan.

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