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Fran says "You're Psychic"

Dreamed 1982/1/15 by Wayan

I paid a $290 bill in full, but the company claims I only paid $260. They try to cheat me--fake the records! They even bring in my boss Carol as a mediator, quietly paying her to decide their way. She doesn't even listen to my case. The worst thing is, their relentless certainty makes me BELIEVE, on the surface at least, that I might not have paid them; yet I also know these crooks would lie even if I had. My friend Fran has become a sort of lemur-poodle girl. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

Now I realize I'm not me; I'm my friend Fran, who I haven't seen in months. Every year or two, Fran gets fat then thin in a slow cycle. So naturally I do now that I'm Fran. My current phase is fat and self-doubting. Not that I wasn't self-doubting as Chris; I half-believed those crooks when I KNEW they were crooks.

I, Fran, meet with two others about staging a show at Prometheus Center.

Oops! Now I'm me again, meeting Fran on the Prometheus stage. She's in one of her thin phases now. She wears a strange sort-of-nude / sort-of-fuzzy outfit--cream and slate ring-striped furry leggings and long gloves over a plain paler-gray leotard... or is that fur and bare grayish skin? She looks like a scaled-up lemur, with touches of raccoon & poodle. But a lot cuter than that sounds.

She's been having billing-disputes too. The same firm. She asks me to recall the original meeting. I barely can. But it differs from their current claim. Sounds like they changed their story again, still at it. I can't remember details, but I too saw their negotiator as evasive. Fran asks about my suspicion of him, "is it psychic?" She's firmly convinced I have ESP, and trusts that more than logic.

I'm skeptical, think I'm just intuitive, picking up subliminal stuff--as opposed to truly psychic, sensing impossible stuff. I just relax in a hot tub, or even just by it--for some reason water helps--and what info comes, comes.

Fran says: "That's psychic. Chris, that's what psychic IS."



Why Fran? Beats me. Haven't seen her since last summer!

The phone rings. Guess who. Fran, out of the blue. The dream WAS psychic--as it announced. What to call this--a self-flagging dream?


The scam? It was going on as I dreamed about it, though I consciously didn't know yet. I was saving a lot and investing it in a local thrift; turned out the owner simply pocketed all my investments. Five years of lawsuits and stress ensued...


Why present this ancient dream? Well, I'm amassing evidence for my silly pet theory of self-flagging dreams, and as long as I am, why not pick entertaining ones?

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