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Get Your Body Back

Dreamed 1997/6/11 by Chris Wayan

Devil, plus a cane--and minus a piece of foot.

A man loses his body--in fact it gets chopped up.

His soul goes to Hell, but he won't stand for that. He fights and fights to win his body back--reassembles it piece by piece. A few bits are lost... unrecoverable.

I expect him to settle for coming out of Hell alive--so he's missing a few bits, it's still a miracle!

But he doesn't. Instead...

He tracks down the Devil himself, faces him and fights him, one on one, and tears bits out of Satan, as compensation! Grafts them onto his own body, filling in his missing bits!

Interviewed later, he says: "I don't care if there's a little Devil in me--I think I've proven I can handle that."

And that's why the Devil limps today. Oh, he lets out it was the Fall from Heaven, that it was God...

Because that's less humiliating than the truth. It was just this guy. This stubborn guy...


I HAVE been going through hell lately--an eviction notice, a lawsuit--and packing to move out has made me sick all week, since I'm violently allergic to dust. Meanwhile, I've been going to a support group for anorexics, but rather than get support there, I mostly get silent, helpless crushes on other anorexics...

I want sex back! I want my health back! I want fun back!

Despite the Christian context (probably from my anorexia group, which, being a 12-step group, has distant Christian roots), this dream is a classic shamanic test! In that tradition, being devoured by demons is merely a sort of spiritual immunization. Your soul flies to the spirit world, faces monsters who cook you and eat you and count your bones. But if you're real shamanic material, there's a bone left over the cannibals can't account for... using that as a base, you reassemble your skeleton and build a new self unafraid of horrific entities. After all, what more can they do? They ate you. You got over it.

But lately I've felt like there's no bone left over--gnawed by illness (and worse--lawyers!) till there's nothing left of me.

Well, my dream has a modest proposal for those of us eaten up by others--take it out of them, somehow, and then MAKE it yours. It is yours. They owe you. And if you take it, it becomes you.

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