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Heiress and Mortal

Dreamed 2011/2/16 by Wayan

I'm living in a society of immortals. I may be mortal, though--there are signs my treatments didn't quite take. So I feel like an outsider--a hidden one, obliged to pass.

I feel driven, too. Better achieve all I can now, fast. The only guy in the world with a literal deadline.

Or am I alone? I meet an heiress to a rich powerful family with a rare illness that makes her lifespan uncertain too--centuries or month, who knows? She hides it too, having endured of lot of insincerity from guys wanting money or power. But her aura tells me immediately that she just needs honesty. The mere fact of being different, having a secret deadline when everyone else has time to burn, has shaped us in similar ways.

We become friends. She even introduces me to her family. I'm attracted to her. I think she wants me too, but is wary. Burned so often!

One day we're in a store or mall with a huge keyboard, big enough to dance on. But it's raised, three feet up. More like a work table.

On impulse I massage her head and neck. She goes limp and flops face down on the keyboard. Doesn't say "More!" but her aura says it.

I feel happy. I can win her! For as long as we have.


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