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Here Comes a Chopper

Dreamed 1983/6/20 by Wayan


My parents nagged me into visiting my grandparents. I finally went just to shut them up, though my intuition warned me I'd get sick from it.

Either the restaurant food or my grandparent's snacks were bad. Diarrhea, cramps, pain all night and next day. Food poisoning or allergic reaction.


Still feel crappy, but my sisters talk me into going to see Eddie Murphy in TRADING PLACES in a nearby mall. I propose the same movie in a different theater across town but I can't explain why. Just sense a problem at that mall. They overrule me. With no logical reason to justify my feeling, I surrender.

We go. The screening time listed was off by an hour! Wander the mall bored.

At last, it's time. Long line. File in... and... power failure!

Never do see that film. A helicopter crashes on my family home. The pilot denies any problem. Sketch of a dream by Wayan.


A helicopter's flying low over our family home. Hovering all day. A noisy form of haunting! And not just loud, annoying, intrusive and illegal. Dangerous. Flying too low.

MUCH too low. I'm in the living room when the chopper snags a pole and crashes! I push my little niece Solara down an instant before burning metal bursts through the wall--slams just over her head. Half the windows are smashed, sharp glass all over. Douse a small fire. We're bruised but not cut or burnt.

Find a phone. Working? Yes! But find someone else in the house is already on another extension, just called emergency workers... and says "the fliers survived!" Whaat? The main body hit out in the front yard, 15 meters away, and chunks tore all the way through to this end of the house! Had to be pretty bad. I took it for granted they died in the explosion. I go out front and find... they're battered but alive.

Alive and MAD at us. "How DARE you call emergency services for something so trivial! We'll fix the damage ourselves, right now. Don't want help!"

"Uh, gonna fix our house too? Burning metal through the wall. Nearly died..."

"But you didn't!"

Ah. No reason to whine, then.


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