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Idi Amin

Dreamed 2007/6/25 by Ben Bamber
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In 2003... I made a prediction that Africa would never lift itself out of poverty, famine, disease, war and corruption. Since then Africa has achieved economic growth of 4% (2006) which is not too bad. The following dream occurred recently, and is an update from the Africa prediction made above.


I was teaching a number of black boys in a large packed hall. They were angry and I was trying to teach them the merits of organising a proper democratic system of government and explaining the benefits. They were eager to learn and eager to get started, fed up with lagging behind the rest of the world, with their internal battles. I felt I was in the spirit world rather than in the real world.

Then Idi Amin came in to speak to them and they hushed their voices to listen. He spoke to them, but one man kept shouting excitedly about being in the room with Idi. Idi then asked the crowd to quiet him down and they leapt on him and killed him. Idi didn't mean to trigger the others to kill him, but as spatters of blood flew up from him, the droplets of blood turned into little red books, which the crowd picked up (referring to China and Chairmen Mao Zedong's communist handbook).


--Ben Bamber


Blood into books? Seems auspicious to me, too. It's also startling that Idi Amin just wants the man quieted down; it's the crowd that murders him. Is the dream hinting it isn't dictators but overenthused followers who cause the worst bloodshed?

--Chris Wayan


Earlier this year I posted a dream where African leaders were speaking to a group of followers. They were waving little red books which had been drops of the blood of one of the followers they had killed. Last night I saw on the Channel Four news Morgan Tsvangirai's followers all waving red cards, as a symbol of their demands that Robert Mugabe leave office.

This dream has confused me a bit though. To start with I thought it was symbolic of a new period of stability. Then when Kenya descended into chaos I changed my mind. But the unusual sight of red cards being held up by a crowd in front of a leader, leads me to believe that I have a hit on this dream, as having predictive content. However, it needs at least another two hits to reach my own personal benchmark for predictive dreaming. At the present I have only got one feature correct. I am sure that the dream possesses some predictive elements, but I do feel that more predictive elements need to be present. If a democratic change of leader happens without any trouble, then I will look again at classifying this dream a precognitive dream...we'll have to wait and see I guess.

--Ben Bamber

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