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Incremental Heavens

Dreamed 2016/9/5 by Wayan
for Twilight, Starlight, and Grant Wood.
No, not Ed Wood. Definitely Grant.

I die. Reborn in a suburban shoddy sky
Where again I age and die. Third time return
And yoga off a pound or two of dull. Still,
The wheel rolls sluggily as summer sun
To winter chill.

Old atrocities melt off glacier-slow. It's all
The change (apparently) that we can tol
Erate. Well, all the beer majority can bear.
So tediously narr--O I'm sick of mall! Care
Fully human. When I, clairvoyant, bare
Ly am at all.

Impatient! Grudge the increment.
Snarl at heaven's snare. Ah, where
Do I find my lebbird girl, my shi
Ning energy friends? It's just my aut
Ism--mutant brain--I crave a shy
Sweet bookish unicorn (Hello, Twi)
Sharing e'en a glimmer of my sen
Sibility ultraviolet. So mired--so tired
Of humanotony!

Queer amid mundies. Forgive my rant!
But over and again, the gulf will yawn.
Smooth the human skin and slip it on,
But my senses never work like their
Famous five. Try six or seven--I can't
E'en quantify.

My friend Cory and sister Althea are my
Housemates again in life fourteen. I blurt
"Back to astral college? I want to scream!"
Cut my Guardian Angel class again. How'll I
Get out before I petrify? Entombed in your
Incremental dream.

Twilight Sparkle the alicorn peers from the roof at American Gothic. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


In September 2016, this reincarnation-frustration dream baffled me--not the fact of my impatience, it's always there--but why highlight it now? Clearer in November. Trump's resurrected the old American Gothic--worship the rich, rob the poor, hate the foreign, grope the girls, lynch the nigger and bash the queer. The Six Commandments. Didn't we flush all that down the Toilet of History generations ago?

Apparently no.

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