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Stained-glass design, 1982, 1986, 1992, 2000, by Chris Wayan

This couple keeps appearing in my dreams: as a tapestry, or as an affectionate moment seen through a passing window... or two models on a billboard who come alive (SEA-HAG RIOT)... an old family photo, or the rose window in a church... a neon sign over a strip joint (I FIGHT FOR BEAUTY)... and stranger things (HAUNTED BUT HAPPY and ALTHEA'S CHICKEN).

This version, one of several, is a sketch for a stained-glass window: the black lines would be the leading.

acrylic version.

Their relationship--equality, mount and rider, friends, lovers, strangers just posing together, twins... the changes tell me what my body and soul feel about each other. But which is which?

Well, that changes too.

digital GIF version

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