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Dreamed 1998/4/2 by Chris Wayan

Dream: the downtown crowds act as if public sex is meant as a pleasant noon concert.

I'm walking on Market Street in San Francsico, down among the skyscrapers where I rarely go. Secretaries and suits lunch at little plazas, listen to street performers.

Then I see a girl I know who's singing. See, not hear: she's wearing a dress so short that I hardly hear her--my eyes are nibbling her thighs in anticipation. The Transamerica Pyramid grows in my pants.

I can't resist--I walk up, hug her, give her a big sloppy kiss, then... I just can't let go. Arm around her, I slip my other hand up her skirt in front of the crowd. She's naked and slippery underneath. Been acting out her own little fantasy--exhibitionism! I slide my fingers in and around till she's gasping. But she gamely keeps on singing, feet spread, knees locked to keep from falling because her legs shake so much.

She starts crying out involuntarily as she comes, descending croons and howls, like wolf music to the moon.

I've played so many instruments over the years, but she's the loveliest .

Stickiest, too.

And the crowd? They come up and pour coins in her cowboy hat.

A secretary with a lunch sack and a red, red blush that isn't powder says: "Thank you for the best noon concert we've ever had."

As lunch hour ends, the workers walk off... in couples.

Holding hands.


Actually, this dream's about singing. Does that surprise you? Dreams aren't stupid. If they can use symbols for sex, why can't they use sex as a symbol for other things? I'm taking a beginning voice class, and this week our voice teacher suggested we try singing in public and see how it felt.

The dream suggests that for me, singing to strangers is as taboo and exciting as public sex. I've been afraid of performance--but in the dream, our audience was appreciative--even enthusiastic. So maybe it's time to try... well, either one. Public sex or public singing. They both seem equally scary... and equally rewarding!

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