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Martian Robots Dress like Freud

Dreamed 1975/8/16 by Wayan

On Atacama Plain, observatory dome.
Arch-Astronomer says "Rival scopes see
more AND less Accurately. Where you
Aim your Lens outweighs Acuity."

The scope-directing Dials display
Lunatickmarks graven on,
so graveyard-shifted Robots can
Analyze the Moon,

Anticipate Earth-weather. Here
and soon, Astringent cold and clear.
"Shall we," the Arch-Robot croons,
"Shoot the Moooon?"

On Mars, that Arid dirtball, rolls
a robot salmon-smeared. Cajoles
me to settle here. Red. Affirms I'm kin-
dred. A mere Machine.

Flee into space! Fling a Ceres of new
stones before me: Steppingoids.
Race through Archipelagos of Void
as Armatures pursue.

Accrete a Chondrite rubble-stash
so vast it Globes. I'm offered Cash
by Adoring Foe. No! I pitch at Earth.
A curveball Crash!

On Terra, in my Petulant Crater,
the Atmosphere is Greater, the grav
too Avid. Martian bots Avoid.
Years free of their tin Chatter!

And where my world of Artifice fell,
the soil's rich. Agriculture, till
a Marsbot in a natty suit Appeared
dressed as Freud. Weird beard.

I scoop a clod of Asteroidal mud
and FLING at Alien Sigmund Freud!
Again, Again! Earth-strength
of Ten. Mud-sling.

On a farm, I sling mud at a Martian robot impersonating Freud. Dream sketch by Wayan.


In 1975, dreams were still a minor (though admittedly vivid) side of my life. Yet from 2000 on, as editor of the World Dream Bank, my job was to debunk Freudian (and other) obsolete, absolutist dream-theories. And my hobby? Put a hard hat on and build Planetocopia!

So when I recently stumbled on this dream that fuses Planetocopian world-building and Dreambankish Freud-bashing, it felt funny. In both senses. Did it foresee my life-path, or did my brain just mutter "Freud, void, Asteroid, eh, that rhymes, now Add some Alliteration..." and this dream Appeared? Either way... weird beard.

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