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Dreamed 1999/11/20 by Chris Wayan

A cleansing ritual in a future ecological society. A woman lies on her back on an altar, and the presiding shaman prompts her to tell her dreams. They go on and on...

At last I can't restrain my giggles and explain to the woman by me, who's from a different pagan culture, "It's like a parody of Freudian therapy--the couch, the talking, the dream, the endlessness... Feel like we're in Vienna."

She says indignantly "No way! It's like..." and compares it to something from her native culture.

I counter "Well you can always find aspects that are familiar--look, I'll pick a society at random. How about a local tribe... uh, let's say, the Miwok. Look at the echoes of their rites!" And I start listing them, starting of course with shamans and dreams but coming up with a surprising number very quickly, making a perfectly plausible bogus case that this rite comes from Miwok culture!

At least I guess it's bogus. The echoes are there.

Oh, no! What if my bullshit is true?


Therapy, Miwok rite = Me walk right! At my family's reunion, I walked around the block with my sisters to get some privacy, and Miriel told us her dreams, using us as therapists.

Then, at dinner, my father insisted "All psychics are fakes--they say generic things anyone can relate to." Telling this to his three children, who all have vivid psychic dreams. Why not just throw stinkbombs across the table?

He may think shamanism's a path of nonsense and lies, but the Miwok path is right for me. So far, me walk right.

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