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Dreamed 1999/11/20 by Chris Wayan

A cleansing ritual in a future ecological society. A woman lies on her back on an altar, and the presiding shaman prompts her to tell her dreams. They go on and on...

At last I can't restrain my giggles and explain to the woman by me, who's from a different pagan culture, "It's like a parody of Freudian therapy--the couch, the talking, the dream, the endlessness... Feel like we're in Vienna."

She says indignantly "No way! It's like..." and compares it to something from her native culture.

I counter "Well you can always find aspects that are familiar--look, I'll pick a society at random. How about a local tribe... uh, let's say, the Miwok. Look at the echoes of their rites!" And I start listing them, starting of course with shamans and dreams but coming up with a surprising number very quickly, making a perfectly plausible bogus case that this rite comes from Miwok culture!

At least I guess it's bogus. The echoes are there.

Oh, no! What if my bullshit is true?


My dad may think shamanism's a path of nonsense and lies, but the Miwok path is right for me. So far, me walk right.

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