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Cover of a collection of dreams of money and financial advice, by Chris Wayan 1997

Over the years, I've recorded my dreams on disk, and happened (mostly to help me analyze them) to include codes for their basic theme. One day, almost idly, I ran a search for all the dreams with two codes together: money, and advice. This book with about 30 dreams resulted. In a real sense, it was written by a dreaming brain, and edited by a machine. Given that, it's interesting how consistent it is--there's a growing clarity over the years, even some psychic dreams predicting the stock market and economy... whatever it took to keep me solvent without working too much, so I could focus on my art... and spirit.

This overall pattern was obscure to me at first, but it eventually became undeniable. My dreams didn't give a damn about maximizing wealth, but they weren't indifferent to it at all: they wanted to assure me just enough money so I could ignore it!

Cover for MONEY TALKS: rising chart, figure flying over jagged trees, woman in T-shirt saying 'RICH BITCH', as dollars and flowers fall from heaven...

Most of the dreams were short, and less storylike or entertaining than the ones I've posted on this site. Their impact was cumulative. Like hippies turned into public interest lawyers, they wore suits to hide their radicalism. If you're interested in thematic dream-journals following a thread over years as it develops and reveals a spiritual agenda, this book's a good example.

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