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Dreamed 1980/8/15 by Chris Wayan

Hot summer, sleepy farm hills, in a world where magic works. I'm flying with pillowy wings over the steep fields, down to the bunkhouse where we live. I look like a demon, though I'm still me inside.

The demon at the door, however, is real. But I'm used to that: he's my guard. I'm a prisoner on a demon work farm. I explain to him "I'm really a human woman under a spell" and start to kiss him, and stroke his scary head. He doesn't hit me, so I know he's convinced; male demons are too territorial to let another male kiss him like that. Maybe he knew about the spell already, I don't know.

But I'm glad he let me kiss him: for a demon kiss breaks the spell! My body shifts and melts, and within minutes I become human again. I play poker with a demon. But which is which? We both cheat.

Then a middle-aged woman enters, a woman everyone calls Halfwit, though she's not.

She frowns, and suddenly... everything changes.

The scene replays--Halfwit's about to walk in... only this time, my demon guard was the woman under a spell! It dissolved when we kissed, and he's become a human girl around twenty years old. I turn human too, but male this time. Confusing!

In walks Halfwit again... This run-through seems to satisfy her more, so this time, the dream plays on.

The ex-demon girl invites me to play poker, if I have a stake.

"Oh, I have ten or fifteen bucks."

"I have $50,000" says the girl, "but what the hell, let's play anyway." I'm happy, I want to play with her...

I get the impression Halfwit likes me, and so, despite my trivial resources, I can play with the demon girl. Affection counts more than numbers with Halfwit.

Whoever she really is.



I had only a part-time job when I dreamed this--yet after DOZENS of such dreams pushed me to, over the next seven years I DID save up over $50,000. My co-workers made fun of me for being a scruffy, self-neglecting cheapskate ("Halfwit!"). I invested it (also according to my dreams) and made so much I retired at age 36! Now I paint and write songs based on dreams...

That poker demon wasn't bluffing.

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