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North Fleet of the Rain

Dreamed 1974/7/10 by Chris Wayan

A huge black teardrop floats up a suburban street. A starship; one of a great fleet. It's alive, a person. The black tear climbs the hill toward my family's house. Kids in the street yell "THE RAIN, THE RAIN!"

They're right. It's the legendary North Fleet Of The Rain: they headed Galactic North in ancient times looking for rain for their world, and disappeared from history. Now they're back.

Loudspeakers announce demands. But they make no sense! The long quest has driven them mad.

To buy time, I must impersonate a Rain Person, whatever that is. But it's what they seek.

Deviously I try to plug in a communicator to tell the main body of Earth's own fleet what's going on. But all my equipment touching North Fleet's stuff goes not so subtly blooey.

Turns out our whole fleet is scattered around the world, so we have no massed force to fight them. Cunning of the Rain Seekers--they've been fooled before by people pretending to be the Rain, so they timed their landings carefully. They have us at their mercy.

I meet a woman of the Rain Fleet who's a genius. She figures out I'm not a real Rain Person... She threatens to tell, and I try to stop her--grab her, wrestle, half play despite my fear. She threatens to use her secret weapon--the tickle. I'm very ticklish and have to let go, so I retaliate with our secret weapon--the lick. Start at one ankle and go up. By the time I reach her cunt we're horny to burst.

We fuck like crazy.

And then notice... the long drought's over.

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