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Older and Younger

Dreamed 2009/11/17 by "Rasselon"
Rasselon's Dreamlog:

I was in bed with an older woman with dark hair, maybe in her fifties. We were making out. It was a small room with wooden furniture. Southwestern? I got the impression she was a powerful entity, like a sorceror or something.

An attractive younger Native American-looking woman wearing a skirt type business outfit walked through the room like she was distracted, her mind focused on something else. Whereupon the old woman said "I want you to marry that woman."

I felt it would be a bad thing to agree to anything she said, so instead I said something to the effect of "Destiny decides what path I will follow, it is not up to you or me to choose." Then I sucked hard on her nipple... and woke up.



I love the deadpan comedy of this dream. Instead of the fairytale motif of reluctantly marrying a beast or kissing frogs or lying with a scary witch (always your True Love enchanted), here a scary sorceress orders the dreamer to wed (shudder!) a beautiful young woman. And that solemn nonsense he comes up with to distract her! Isn't it, well, dreamy? Almost makes you think Freud could be right! When one part of us is afraid to argue, there's always distraction! Is some of the incoherence of dreams due not to the dimness of your sleeping brain but its deviousness? If there's just no arguing with some sides of you, maybe all the rest of you can do is get sneaky...

--Chris Wayan

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