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Dreamed by Jim Shaw, 1994.

There was a TV commercial with a coy giggling orange with a crush on Eric Roberts. It bounced its way to his bed, with a straw coming out of its navel & a parallel tube of bubbling blue liquid, all computer graphics. He said "This must be God's goo."

Giant orange hops in bed with a man, extending two straws in a sort of kiss. Dream sketch by Jim Shaw. Click to enlarge.

SOURCE: Jim Shaw's Dreams, Jan. 1995, Smart Art Press. Dreamed 1987-95, probably 1994. This is barely 1/3 of his dream recall that night.


This isn't as random as it seems. Shaw lives in Los Angeles--the Big Orange--and dreams recurrently of oranges driving cars (proof they're Anglenos!) And this orange leaps into bed in the grip of what we can only describe as an Orange Crush (sorry). [For you futurians: name of an American soft drink.]

Am I looking for wordplay where it ain't justified? Then what of that peculiar phrase, "God's goo"? Surely a play on "God's good." Amazing how leaving one letter off can kink the meaning!

My focus on wordplay is not new. Even before Freud, Havelock Ellis noted that some dreams mull over the multiple meanings of words, without necessarily mentioning the words directly in the dream. This dream may be less Freudian than Ellisian.

--Chris Wayan

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